Reasons Why Crash Dieting Does Not Work

Today there are many different eating plans to choose from. New nutrition programs and new weight-loss diets are emerging constantly. Each author claims that his program is also the most efficient and the best. Given the amount of conflicting information, it is not surprising that many do not know what is right and what would be best for us so as not to tamper with our health.

Who is telling the truth?

Diet Depression
The truth is that fad diets that come and go obviously do not work. Dieting causes unnecessary stress and emotional devastation, and the body gets typically deprived of essential nutrients. Just think – would new diets be invented over and over again if the older ones really worked?

In pharmacies, health food stores and even in supermarkets shelves are full of slimming products that do not work but only poison your body further. They cause you to dehydrate, not minding that water is an invaluable liquid for melting fat away. So you need to ask yourself if you want to lose water or fat. Selling a product that will permanently solve your problems with excessive weight is not in the interest of weight loss and pharmaceutical industries. They only want you to remain their loyal customer bringing in the money regularly. Time and again they will offer products that “really help make you look better and more attractive.” Do you think they will reveal the secrets of our ancestors’ healthy lifestyle? Of course not (as already mentioned above) since they cannot be patented.

Reasons why crash diets do not work

Crash Dieting
Diets make you tired, lethargic, and you may also get seriously ill
The human body needs a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, fiber and other necessary substances for optimal functioning. If you take away a certain substance from the body, as this is done with the weight-loss diets, sooner or later you will use up the body reserves, which in the end will make you tired, lethargic, and you may also get seriously ill. This energy depletion or blood sugar imbalance causes the opposite effect during the diet, namely the feeling of immense hunger and unstoppable desire for simple sugars because the energy level is very low! Simple carbohydrates provide them immediately, so in such critical moments most people almost subconsciously reach for a chocolate or cake. The desire to lose weight is suppressed at least for the moment due to feeling starved. If the existing weight loss diets worked, there would be no need for new ones. The rate of obesity would be reduced, not increased.

Protein diet, low-fat diet or a diet with low carbohydrate intake?
While on the one hand there are supporters of the eating plans with very small amounts of fat, on the other hand we have the defenders of the diets with small amounts of carbohydrates.

There are also so-called protein diets based on consumption of pure protein. We have all these diet plans but the question is then what is the balanced eating plan? If you ask me, I would go for something in the middle, because this is usually the best answer. Garcinia cambogia extract is something that has worked well for me. The best part using this extract is that you can lose weight without following a restricted diet pattern.
Fat is mistakenly avoided by some, since it is a building block for our cells. Healthy fat is very important for our brains, i.e. for the grey matter and mental health. It is the lack of healthy essential fats in our diet and stress that are the main culprits for the growing depression, anxiety and other mental disorders. Brain must be nourished in order to work optimally! With the diets requiring reduction in carbohydrates that are a source of energy we lose energy, become listless, irritable and quick-tempered. If we look at the diets based on protein we can find that they are extremely harmful to the body because eating large quantities of protein produces acids in the body so they only acidify or poison the body because the elimination system cannot cope with removing such large quantities of toxic substances from the body.

Diets work only for the short term
Not only do diets work only in the short term, but people often gain back more weight than they lost in the first place, ending up worse off than where they started. Chronic dieting over years and years and years can actually lead to a lot of people gaining weight in the long term. You’ve had that period of restriction, so your brain is telling you about all the things you’ve missed, and it motivates you to eat more afterward.
Remember that historically starvation and malnutrition were far more a danger to our health and lives than any extra weight might be, so our bodies perceive a decrease in calories as a sign of potential famine, or so the theory goes. Consequently, when we return to a higher calorie intake, the body then holds on to even more fat in anticipation of future food shortages. That diet may have helped you lose excess weight, but if you see it as a temporary solution and return to what you consider normal eating, your body will return to what it sees as a normal size for that kind of eating.

Boredom is boring

Perhaps most important factor why diets don’t work is that we like to eat. For most of us, hunger is a sign to eat, and our taste buds like flavor and variety thereof.
That doesn’t mean we’re doomed to get fatter forever. But it does mean we have to be strategic about how we update our eating habits. “We just don’t live in an environment that’s conducive to weight management. On the contrary, we live in an environment that causes weight gain. And so a lot of people think they can lose weight, for instance, without paying any attention to calories, and it’s like saying you can balance your cheque book and your budget without ever looking at a price tag.

It is time for a change

It is time to stop ruining your health with eating plans that have only a short term effect. Diets can make you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually spent. At the beginning you might try hard to control your hunger pangs for days and weeks, but at the end you only get all the pounds back with interest. Weight loss diets can wear you out emotionally because you are not focused on what you can eat, but rather on what you must not eat. Starving yourself is not the key to healthy and lasting weight loss because keeping your appetite at bay may result in binge eating. Such temporary dieting will most probably also have only temporary results.

Possible Side Effects

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