How to Stay Motivated While Losing Weight

The most common problem encountered by people who are losing weight is losing their motivation in the middle of the process. Most dieters start out very impassioned with their goals and very willing to go the extra mile just to see their weights drop down. However, somewhere along the way, they get tired, bored, or distracted and end up gaining back the unwanted pounds they have already shed off. After a while, they will notice that they are getting fat again so they push themselves back to start anew. Such case is what yo-yo dieters undergo, which is bad for the health.

To finally get rid of excess weight in one run, without wasting all the efforts you have already thrown in, you need to be kept motivated. This way, you not only achieve your goals, but also avoid the incidence of gaining back those pounds. Here are some tips to keep you on the right track until that scale flashes back the numbers you always wanted to see.

Lose weight for the right reasons. Before you embark on the road of diets and workouts, you need to set it straight with yourself that you are losing weight because you are concerned for your health. This is the best motivation because you are after the quality and length of your life, not some superficial reasons like wanting to fit in a certain dress or to look good for someone. When you know that excess weight makes you at risk for some diseases, your conviction will be more strengthened and you will also less likely let yourself gain back those pounds.

Set attainable goals. Do not give yourself a very strict deadline to reach your desired weight, or you will bring yourself to depression if you do not attain it. Depression, consequently, can drive you to give up. Keep it realistic. Five pounds a month is a good start and meeting that will not require a lot of sacrifices on your part.

Start slow. If you have zero physical activity and suddenly run for 30 minutes, you will feel so much pain the next day that you will never want to get on those running shoes again. Assess your limits and capabilities and learn when to stop before you over-exert yourself. Start with a few minutes of walk each day then slowly increase the duration. You will eventually get to the point of running 30 minutes a day without going through the hellish and painful stage.

Do not starve yourself.


If you suddenly replace your diet with tasteless dishes, you will soon tire of it and give it up. You can still enjoy your favorite dishes but replace the ingredients with healthier ones. Another alternative is to limit your portions but eat 5 times a day. This will help you feel full without packing yourself with too much calories. If you balance your diet right, you can even give in to your cravings occasionally.

Think positive.

Positive Thinking

Do not be frustrated just because you did not lose five pounds this month. Think of all the good things your new diet and workout plan has brought you. You have more energy throughout the day and you are also feeling healthy because of your healthy food choices. This is also a chance for you to tweak your current plan and incorporate new ideas to your workout.

Get in the right gear. Have you ever felt like you are a real runner when you are wearing the right running shoes instead of sneakers? Being in the right workout gears gives you a boost to act the part, thus making you more active. Try donning a cycling short the next time you hop on a bicycle instead of just wearing workout pants and you will see the difference.

Record your progress.

Food Journal

Keep a journal from the start of your weight loss plan. It should contain your goals and your reasons why you want to lose weight then fill it with your daily diet and physical activities. This will help you keep track of what is working for you and what is not. It will also help you greatly appreciate the progress you have attained and motivate you to keep going.

Hire a support group. This does not necessarily mean that you should employ people to support you, but rather ask help from people close to you. A friend who will gladly go with you to the gym will force you to attend your sessions, which you would have missed if you were simply deciding for yourself. In your home, you can ask your mother to avoid serving your calorie-laden food or all the fat that you have burned will be creeping back in.

Have fun.


Why should you force yourself to run a couple of miles each day if you hate running? You can burn as much calories if you take a swim or dance or do aerobics. Choose an activity that interests you so that you will not be dragging yourself everyday to move. Doing something fun will take your mind off seeing the whole thing as a chore.

Bring some variety to your workout. Boredom is one reason why people stop their weight loss plan midway. If they eat the same food and do the same workout every day, they will definitely get to the point of saturation and turn their back on the whole thing in a snap. There are many healthy recipes on the internet, so try a new one every few days. The same goes with your exercise. Change your routine every two weeks, like leave the gym and go to the basketball court instead.

Promise to reward yourself.


Do not wait to lose that fifty pounds before you consider rewarding yourself. Make yourself happy for every little success. This will push you to get on the next stage so you can reward yourself again.

Take time to reflect. If you see yourself slipping away from your plan, take a breather. Meditate on why you are falling off the track and find a solution for that. Sometimes it could just be a distraction, which you need to eliminate. You can also take this chance to remind yourself of your goals and re-assess them.

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