Breakfast And Weight Loss: What Is The Link?

Just how important is breakfast when you are trying to lose weight? This in itself is a very interesting question to ask as many people will mistakenly believe that in order to lose weight they will have to forgo breakfast or it will mess up the plan for the entire day as to what they can and cannot eat. However, this line of thought is actually incorrect and the reasons as to why this is the case will now follow.

It can actually increase the chances of you becoming obese.

This first point is perhaps the most shocking in that missing out breakfast can actually increase the chances of you becoming obese and the sole reason as to why this is the case is due to the way in which your body reacts when it is running low on fuel.

Healthy Breakfast

By missing breakfast, what you are actually doing is starving your body and when this happens you will find that it alters the way in which your body produces and uses insulin and the problem here is that this will then lead to your body actually storing more fat and you then gaining weight. It does this due to you having an in-built survival mechanism whereby if you appear to be starving your body it will do everything it can to preserve sugars, which it then turns into fat, to use as fuel in the future. When there is this uncertainty as to when it will get more fuel via food you will find that your body tries to protect itself leading to you gaining weight even though you are eating less than before.

It helps your metabolism.


It is worth talking about the obesity point a bit more, but this time looking at your metabolism as this does also play a key role in how you can either lose or gain weight. The first thing to know is that your metabolism is the rate at which your body takes food and turns it into energy, but studies have shown that if you miss breakfast your metabolism will slow and this, in turn, will lead to you finding it harder to lose weight. However, by simply having even a small bowl of healthy cereal it will help to encourage your metabolism to work correctly and this will then mean that your body is going to burn off those calories rather than simply storing them as was described above.

It can help you to avoid overeating or snacking.


Believe it or not, but by eating breakfast you will help reduce the chances of you overeating later on in the day due to you being struck by hunger thanks to you not eating breakfast. The problem here is that your body is going to start to tell you that it needs some fuel in order to operate and this is where you will start to get various cravings and those snacks in the vending machine or cakes in that coffee shop start to become even more appealing.

It is a well known fact that when our body is telling us that it is hungry, then that is when we are at our weakest and most likely to reach for anything that we believe can satisfy that hunger. The knock-on effect of all of this is that a percentage of people will then feel that they have failed in some way as they have not stuck firmly to their diet plan and one slip-up can potentially ruin all of the good work that they have put in before it. By simply eating breakfast you can save yourself from a lot of disappointment later on and it will become a lot easier to stick to your plan.

It gives you energy.


By eating breakfast you are going to have more energy to do some exercise that will then lead to you being able to lose some weight. By missing it you will often feel more lethargic and you will then struggle to maintain the fitness plan that is often worked into your diet and of course when you start to miss out on exercise, then everything else can fall into disarray as well.

If we can be slightly more medical here, breakfast is going to help to replenish your glycogen stores after your body has finished dealing with the last thing that you had to eat the previous night. These glycogen stores then supply your blood sugar, and of course sugar is a vital source of energy for your body, and this then allows you to do your exercising and burn off those calories to help you lose weight.

What difference does it make?

Finally, it is worth looking at some statistics in order to show just how important breakfast is when it comes to losing weight.

There have been various studies carried out by different groups as to the effectiveness of eating breakfast when you are on a diet and the results are undoubtedly very impressive. First, a study amongst people that lost over 30 pounds in weight showed that 90% of those that managed to keep the weight off for a year had breakfast at least five times a week whereas those that avoided it only managed to start to gain weight again. Other studies showed that adults that had breakfast on an irregular basis were 13% more likely to be obese and a third study also confirmed that people that had breakfast worked out a lot more than those that did not.

As was said earlier, there are a number of studies that you can look at that will all come to the same conclusion with that conclusion being that breakfast is essential if you wish to lose weight.

Our conclusion.

The conclusion that you now have to reach is that eating breakfast is actually a vital part of your diet and if you wish to be successful with your weight loss, then do yourself a favor and have something to eat when you wake up. By having something light and healthy to eat when you wake up you can give your body the fuel it needs in order to operate, give yourself energy to do the exercise part of your diet plan, have your metabolism working at the correct level, and finally you make it less likely that you will reach for those snacks.

If you wish to lose weight, then never miss breakfast and you will see a difference when you step on those scales.

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